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Meet Miss Excel

Kat Norton energetically teaches Microsoft Excel to individuals, businesses and educational institutions and has helped a community of over 1,000,000 people!

You’ve most likely seen her viral Excel trick videos infused with creativity, music and dance on TikTok & Instagram (@miss.excel)

Kat was recently awarded the Microsoft MVP Award and has been featured in Business Insider, CNBC, and Entrepreneur Magazine as a pioneer in the “Excel Influencer” space. Kat was also named one of the Top Influencers of 2021 by Forbes.


20% Discount

Use PROSPERSPARK as your Miss Excel promo code and start learning Excel online today!

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Check out all these amazing courses

The Excelerator

91+ Lessons

The Excelerator Course is perfect for beginner to intermediate level Excel users.

Complete Microsoft Office Suite

544+ Lessons

Learn all the Microsoft Office products.

Sheet Smarts For Google Sheets

101+ Lessons

Perfect for Google Sheets users.

Microsoft Essentials Bundle

336+ Lessons

Master the 3 essential Microsoft Office programs.

The Advanced Excelerator

108+ Lessons

Learn to master task automation with VBA macros.

Miss Excel's Workplace FUNdamentals (ages 12+)

106+ Lessons

Students 12+ can learn the most sought after technical skills.

Ultimate Excel Bundle

205+ Lessons

Get the Excelerator Course, the Advanced Excelerator Course and the Mini Dashboard Course.

PowerPoint with Miss Excel

120+ Lessons

Pefect for ALL PowerPoint users to learn how to create captivating presentations.

Word with Miss Excel

125+ Lessons

Learn how to create professional and aesthetically pleasing documents and master Microsoft Word. 

Family Style Bundle

197+ Lessons

Get the whole Microsoft family involved! Features the adult and 12+ courses.

Other Office Apps Bundle

339+ Lessons

Great addtion for existing customers. 

Double Trouble Bundle

192+ Lessons

Do you use both Excel AND Google Sheets? This is for you!

Outlook Mini Course

34+ Lessons

Master your emails and calendars in Microsoft Outlook.

Teams Mini Course

30+ Lessons

Learn to master the communication tool Microsoft Teams! 

OneNote Mini Course

30+ Lessons

Learn how to organize your world with OneNote!

Dashboard Mini Course

6+ Lessons

Learn how to build dynamic dashboards.


20% Discount

Use PROSPERSPARK as your Miss Excel promo code and start learning Excel online today!


Learn with Miss Excel and use code "Prosperspark" for a 20% discount!

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