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Brandon Zobel

Brandon D. Zobel

CEO & Owner

Microsoft Excel, VBA Macros, Business Analysis, Process Improvement, Management Consulting

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2. Tell us about you

2. Tell us about you

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  • Do you have a project scope document created for this project?
  • Please select the item(s) that best describe the type of help that you need.
  • If you're having trouble coming up with a budget, a good starting point is to use a process cost calculator like the free one we built on our website!

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    If you have your project posted on an online platform, please provide the link to that project post.
  • Please let us know what operating system(s) are currently being used in your organization. Click here to learn how to check this.
  • Please let us know what type of system(s) are currently being used in your organization. (This is only important if you are completing a VBA macro/automation project with us.) Click here to learn how to check this.
  • Please let us know what version of Excel you are using so we can build a compatible solution. Click here to learn how to check this.
  • In a 2-3 sentences, please tells us what your overall main goals of the project are.
  • Please upload any relevant documents; project scope document, example files, existing solution, NDA, etc.
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    3. Discovery call

    3. discovery call

    The purpose of the discovery call is for us to learn more about you, your company, and your project. Please take some time prior to the call to prep for the call. Here’s how you should prepare.


    What does success look like?

    Start at the end. Imagine what the finished product looks like. Capture that in a few bullet points.


    What is your budget?

    Keep in mind that a project can be completed in phases if you have budget limitations. 

    Need help coming up with a budget? Use our free process cost calculator!


    When does this need to be completed?

    You will want to have a full understanding of your calendar before the discovery call. 

    Time Commitment

    Do you have time set aside each week for this project?

    Clients that allocate time each week to the project spend less.

    4. scope & proposal

    4. scope & proposal

    This is where we provide you an official project scope and pricing options. Please let us know how you would like this structured based on one of the options below.


    A quote for the entire project.

    Fixed-price projects are good if you have a detailed project scope document put together are okay with minimal rounds of revisions. This structure is typically a bit more expensive as unknowns are factored in.


    An hourly rate is charged throughout the whole project.

    Hourly structured projects are a great way to go if you like to take an iterative approach and have a more flexible budget. This structure is a good fit if you are not quite sure what you want and/or do not have a project scope document.

    5. decision

    4. decision

    This is where you will determine if you would like to go forward or not. From there, we will work out other pertinent details like payment, NDA’s, scheduling, gathering additional information, and more.

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