Yes, We can do that in Excel.

We design and build modern, visually compelling custom tools, making business data more accessible and transforming boring spreadsheets into engaging stories. 

Do you just need your spreadsheet to work? We can help with that, too!



Is excel helping you or holding you back?

If you’ve ever stared at your screen for hours on end or said, “I hate Excel spreadsheets!’ then you probably know the answer. Luckily, you know the value of your time and our job is consulting in Excel to make you look like a rockstar when it comes to your spreadsheet project, VBA Macros and automating tedious processes.

We do this by creating stunning, functional and optimized dashboards, reports, scoreboards and more. Whether you’re looking for a customized ground-up solution, consulting in Excel or VBA consulting, or just need a to fix a troublesome report, we can help!

What Our Clients Are Saying


Caitlin J.

“Great job! – I tried to use another excel consultant before I found Propserspark and they cost me time and money.

Paul T.

Caitlin J.

“Went far and beyond to meet my needs. I give them 10 stars and will refer them to anyone and everyone. I will continue to use ProsperSpark for all of my projects.”

Caitlin J.

Caitlin J.

“Their Excel Developer took our project and really thought outside the box to come up with solutions we wouldn’t have considered.”

Sarah H.

Caitlin J.

“If you want to hire an excel expert with patience, understanding, flexibility, speed, and impressive outcomes – You will not find anyone better!!!”

Jay B.


We created a custom solution to fix a buggy Excel-based valuation tool, helping a real estate firm save over 12,000 hours annually. Read our case study to learn more.

Prosperspark is your ally when it comes to Consulting in Excel and VBA Consulting

The world of business and numbers can be unforgiving, especially when working with spreadsheets or finding help with consulting in Excel. At ProsperSpark, our mission is to become your virtual ally, making your business data more accessible (and easier to use) than ever before. That’s why our services include everything you need to hit the ground running and more.


Microsoft Excel Developer and Consulting Services


We build beautiful dashboards that show only the important data you care about and need.


We design and build reports that are intuitive, dynamic, and easy to read.



Custom designs for online and Excel forms to capture the data that matters most.

Quote/Proposal Generators

Need to close more sales? We build quote, proposal, and SOW tools that significantly speed up the sales process while improving the overall look and feel of the document you hand to your client, customer, or patient.

Calculators & Models

View or forecast anything from business expansion models to large capital investments and sales projections.

Data Visualization

See what your data is trying to tell you in the form of a chart or graph.


API Integration

We can connect your process with a number of compatible platforms and programs.


Inventory tracking spreadsheets that just work. We make auditing and viewing your inventory stress-free.

Design / Modern Look & Feel

Tell visually compelling stories and say “goodbye” to boring spreadsheets!

Commission Tool

We distill complex commission plans into powerful Excel tools. This makes generating rep statements, calculating payroll, and tracking sales progress a breeze for all sorts of industries like insurance, consulting, law firms, pharma, and more.

Get started with your Excel Developer or Project Solution today.


Custom Formulas/Functions

Need an easier way to analyze and build reports? We help you build frustration-free databases that simply work.


VBA Consulting and Automation Services

(VBA Macros)

Convert to Template

Custom automation to convert your data (such as an export) into a specific template so you may upload into another system (such as Quickbooks or ADP).

Export to PDF and Email

Automate your entire PDF-to-email process with a click of button.


Pop-Up Form

Individualized forms (VBA userforms) designed by you that help make the data entry process simple, fast, and easy.

Import Data to Excel

Import data easily. No more tedious copying and pasting.

Print Automation

Need to run a custom report and print it for every client on your customer list? We can automate this entire process with a click of a button.


Clean Data

Organize raw data (like .csv) exports from vendors and clients with a click of a button.

Custom Formatting

Apply custom formatting to multiple cells, tabs, and workbooks automatically..

Clear a Form

Reset all of the necessary fields in an Excel form in seconds.


Automatic Filtering

If you find yourself constantly applying multiple filters to your data, then we can make your life much easier with custom-built filtering automation.

Excel Add In

Save time with awesome functionality and distribution capabilities using VBA Macros.


Custom Formulas/Functions

We code custom formulas or UDF’s (user-defined functions) in Excel. Instead of writing a complex formula each time, we can build you custom formulas that are available and repeatable every time you open Excel!

Get started with your VBA Consulting or Project Solution today.

Spreadsheets + Modern Design

Does your spreadsheet look like it’s from 1999? We design spreadsheets that look professional, modern and compelling.

Best design skills of Excel

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