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Personalized. Best Practices. Real-World Based. Remote and on-site options available to fit your schedule.

Professional Excel Training Options


You have a talented and intelligent team. You need to give them access to Excel knowledge and support… and fast. We can help bend the learning curve, by offering personalized training and support for your team. It’s not about disconnected online learning, boring Universal PowerPoint classes, or videos that need to be watched a dozen times. It’s all about you. Not everyone is the same, so the training shouldn’t be either. Our classes are guided and hands on. Don’t expect a workbook. Expect an Excel file. Expect support after the training

Why us

We customize every class – We believe that every business and every individual is different. This is why we customize every class. We gauge each person’s skill level – send out a surveys to help us evaluate and  personalize classes. Our small classes are taught by pros who provide Excel/VBA consulting to 200+ clients and big brands.
Support after the class.

What's included

Our Excel Training includes a practice workbook that is used in the class. Each participant receives a syllabus to stay on track, customized training content based on your needs and support after the class.

What You Need

Windows 10 or 11 PC (let us know if using a Mac), Office 365 (let us know if using something older, a desire to learn and some coffee (kidding, but we think it helps).

How it works

  1. We have a discovery call 
  2. ProsperSpark sends out a placement survey
  3. ProsperSpark shares the results and recommends a curriculum
  4. We coordinate training dates
  5. ProsperSpark sends a proposal
  6. Client signs proposal and pays deposit

Start your Excel Training

Take your Microsoft Excel skills to the next level and book your free consultation to see which excel training program works best for you and your team.

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