Excel Training

Customized. Best Practice. One-on-One.

Excel Training

Best Practice.

What We Do


You have a talented and intelligent team. You need to give them access to Excel knowledge and support… and fast. We can help bend the learning curve, by offering personalized training and support for your team. It’s not about disconnected online learning, boring Universal PowerPoint classes, or videos that need to be watched a dozen times. It’s all about you. It’s about conversation. It’s about one on one training and attention. Not everyone is the same, so the training shouldn’t be either. Our classes are guided and hands on. Don’t expect a workbook. Expect an Excel file. Expect support after the training.


We first sit down with you to determine what your team needs to know. The class is customized from formulas, formatting, tips/tricks, etc. Your team gets the in person Excel education that they need to get more work done and faster.

Best Practice

Your team knows how to use Excel at a basic to intermediate level, but are they getting the most out of it? We provide best practices on how to organize data, lookup data from other tables, clean data, and more.


Every person has different training needs. We help each person individually throughout the customized training sessions and after. We provide the follow-up support that people desperately need to soak in all of the training.

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