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Microsoft Excel Consulting


The client is a dentist office that needed an easy way to show treatment financing options.

Previously, they used a paper template with handwritten notes on it. They wanted a tool that calculated everything automatically, simple to use, and looked modern.

Why You Want One


Design is important. Spreadsheets don’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) boring. They should tell a story.


The tool didn’t require hours of training and had safeguards for errors. The client was able to implement immediately and easily.


The client no longer had to calculate financing options manually. The tool did it for them and showed them options quickly.

Cost Effective

No licenses. No monthly cost. A Microsoft Excel dashboard allows you to distribute to as many or as few users as you want.


You won’t need to call us next year so the tool works for the next year. It’s robust and flexible to handle a variety of input.

Client Pain Points



The client felt their current tool was cumbersome and time-consuming to update.



Their current tool was very manual. It did not calculate consistently and accurately. There were several formulas errors.


Not Visually-Appealing

It was difficult to understand the data. There were not charts present to visualize performance. It looked more 1999 than 2019.

Learn How much your process is costing You

Learn How much your process is costing You

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