What we do

Streamline your business, improve your workflow and keep your team happy!

We build and automate anything in Excel. We improve and automate business processes with technology. We help you analyze your business.

Saving your business
time and money

Small businesses often don’t have access to someone with expert level Microsoft Excel skills, years of management experience analyzing business, or process improvement expertise. ProsperSpark fills that gap. Anything from simple or complex Excel spreadsheets to improving your operational processes to analyzing your organizational structure.

Use our custom

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That 5-minute process costs you more than you think!

How we can help you

On-Demand Support

Looking for a fast Excel or VBA solution? Schedule an on-demand virtual call with one of professionals today. All consultants undergo rigorous background checks and vetting and are based in the U.S. and Canada.  Most calls can be scheduled the same day!

Airtable - Sales CRM - Clients - Grid
Airtable - Sales CRM - Clients - Grid

Business Analysis

How do I grow? Do I have the right clients? Do I have the right people? Not sure what your data is saying?

We have answers. We sift through your data and makes sense of it so you don’t have to.

Excel / Macros

You need to “run the numbers” and track a few things.

We help you design, create, and automate that model, quote tool, dashboard, report, or tracking spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel so you don’t have to.

Airtable - Sales CRM - Clients - Grid
Airtable - Sales CRM - Clients - Grid

Process Improvement

Process can make or break a business.

We help you design, document, train, implement, test, and monitor a new process. We focus on designing the right strategy, implementing it, and measuring it.

Airtable Development

Every organization needs to track key information.

Airtable is an incredibly low-cost online database solution. We design and build Airtable solutions such as CRM systems, project trackers, hours tracking, and more!

Dashboard in Microsoft Excel

We use the same software tools as you.

Saving you time and money!

We provide Microsoft Excel and VBA (macros) consulting, business analysis consulting, and process improvement / automation consulting.

While headquartered in Omaha, NE, we are a small team located across the country.  We have served small mom-and-pop shops to Global 500 companies.  We pride ourselves on creating robust and cutting-edge solutions while being accessible to businesses wanting to outsource to top-notch professionals.

Getting Started

Getting started with us is as simple as scheduling a FREE quick no-pressure call with us.

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