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Small Business Solutions

Spreadsheets. Analysis. Process.

How do I

we provide . . .

Small Business Solutions

Spreadsheets. Analysis. Process.

How do I

Learn How much your process is costing You

Learn How much your process is costing You

What we do

What we do

Small businesses often don’t have access to someone with expert level Microsoft Excel skills, years of management experience analyzing business, or process improvement expertise. ProsperSpark fills that gap. Anything from simple or complex Excel spreadsheets to improving your operational processes to analyzing your organizational structure.

We provide Microsoft Excel and VBA (macros) consulting, business analysis consulting, and process improvement / automation consulting.

We are located right here in Omaha, NE but we help people all over the nation such as people in Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Colorado, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Illinois. We even help a few clients overseas.

Business Analysis

Got a lot of questions? Not sure what your data is saying?

We have answers. How do I grow? Do I have the right clients? Do I have the right people? We sift through your data and makes sense of it so you don’t have to.

Operations Analysis

We help you analyze your business operations. A good business consultant can help you understand what you need to do to scale your growing operation.

We do just that.

Helping you launch that new product or service, reduce the overtime you pay, and staffing appropriately are just a few ways we can help you analyze your business.

Provide us with data and we will help you make sense of it and turn it into actionable solutions.

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Financial Analysis

We are not an accounting firm and we can’t do file your annual taxes for you.

We can, however, tell you how to positively impact your bottom line.

You can expect that we will provide you with real solutions to your challenges.

Whether that be poor margin on your products/services, confusing or poor pricing, or digging into your expenses… we can help your business make more money.

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Management Review

Having the right clients, the right product, and an efficient operation can take you a long ways.

Having the right leaders and managers can take your business to the next level.

We can provide another perspective, evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your team, identify training opportunities, and provide objectivity if need be.

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Excel / Macros

You need to “run the numbers” and track a few things.

We help you design, create, and automate that model, quote tool, dashboard, report, or tracking spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel so you don’t have to.


We help you create fillable forms and templates that make data entry simple.

We use data validation to ensure that each data entry / input is correct. You can also expect that your form or template will flag the user if the form or template is complete or not.

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Excel and PowerBI dashboards don’t have to be difficult to update. We build them so they are easy to refresh with new data.

Spreadsheets and Excel dashboards don’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) boring with just a bunch of numbers. They should tell a story.

We can also connect your existing databases or data feeds (Salesforce, Airtable, Google, Zillow, etc.) via API to Microsoft Excel or PowerBI.

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Custom Microsoft Add-In

You have several tasks that need to be automated. Those same tasks are affect your whole team.

We can automate those tedious tasks and package them into an Add-In for any (Microsoft Excel, Word, Outlook, etc.) product.

This provides the user with access to a package of automation buttons every time they open Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, etc.

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VBA Macros / Task Automation

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) macros can help you more than you might think.

Ever heard someone say “It only takes me 5 minutes” when referring to a process that they do daily in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, or Outlook?

Next time you hear that, tell them that a 5 minute daily process equates to 22 hours per year.

Yep, that’s not a typo – 22 hours.

We help automate tedious tasks like formatting data, importing data, generating pivot tables, exporting a report to PDF, and much more.

That 5 minute process can be automated to a couple second process with a click of a button.

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Microsoft Excel Training

Whether you’re right here in Omaha, NE or one of the surrounding areas like Des Moines, Lincoln, Wichita, or Sioux Falls, we can help educate you in all things Microsoft Excel. 

We can provide Microsoft Excel training in person or online.

Our classes are customized to you. They are guided and hands on. Don’t expect a paper workbook. Expect an Excel file.

Expect support after the training. Not everyone is the same, so the training shouldn’t be either.

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API Integration

Double data-entry and tedious copying and pasting from one export to a report cost you time and money.

We make your life easier by connecting your existing databases or data feeds (Salesforce, Airtable, Google, Zillow, etc.) via API to Microsoft Excel or PowerBI.

Say goodbye to time wasted recreating reports each week or month from data you already have.

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Modern Design

Whether you need a simple tracking spreadsheet, a client proposal generator, invoice tool, or a sophisticated Microsoft Excel dashboard, it shouldn’t look like it’s from 1999.

We take design seriously.

You’ve spent a lot of time building your brand and book of business.

We can help your tools and forms reflect that brand you’ve carefully built with your hard work and reputation.

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Process Improvement

Process can make or break a business.

We help you design, document, train, implement, test, and monitor a new process. We focus on designing the right strategy, implementing it, and measuring it.

Process Improvement

Process can make or break a business.

We help you design, document, train, implement, test, and monitor a new process. We focus designing the right strategy your business, implementing it, and measuring it.


We help you develop a process improvement strategy that makes sense for you.

Not what works in theory. Not what works for other big businesses.

We focus on customizing the process improvement strategy for your business. This means taking into account your size, industry, your employees’ skillsets, and more.

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We don’t just put together a pretty strategy. We also help you put into action.

That means helping you strategize on how and when to implement it. We also help you talk through how to get key players on board.

You can also expect that we will map out the process along with dates for you.

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Creating and implementing a strategy is only part of the process. 

Measuring your success continually is how you truly take your business to the next level.

We help create the right measurement tools like dashboards and scorecards to help you see progress along the way.

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Airtable Development

Every organization needs to track key information.

Airtable is an incredibly low-cost online database solution. We design and build Airtable solutions such as CRM systems, project trackers, hours tracking, and more!


We help you track your clients easily and efficiently.

Spend less time consolidating information and more time serving your clients and gaining new ones!

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Project Management

Project tracking and management don’t have to be hard.

With Airtable’s Kanban feature, you can easily drag projects from one status to another. 

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Hours Tracking

Hours tracking is simple with Airtable.

Passing around multiple spreadsheets is a thing of the past. Learn how we can simplify hours tracking for you and your teams!

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Dashboards in Microsoft Excel

We build stunning modern dashboards in Microsoft Excel. Our dashboards are powerful, packed full of features, scalable, and flexible.

Scoreboards in Microsoft Excel

We build modern scoreboards in Microsoft Excel. Scoreboards are low maintenance and allow for quick performance snapshots.

Airtable Development

We believe that tools for small businesses should be robust, easy to use, and cost-effective. Airtable is one of those few tools out on the market that meets all of those requirements and more.

Process Improvement

That 5 minute process costs more than you might think. At ProsperSpark, we believe in helping small businesses spend more time growing and less time on clunky processes.

Check out our Process Cost Calculator to see how much your process is costing you.

You are

A Small Business Owner

A Small Business Owner

You are busy. You are too busy to handle everything yourself but you can’t justify another full-time employee.

Leading a Large

You have your hands full coordinating the project.  You have a lot to get done and not enough time or resources. 

Growing More Than Expected

Growing More Than Expected

You have grown. You are no longer a couple person company.  You know you need to streamline some processes to stay out of the red.

Improving Your Operation

Improving Your Operation

You know you need to make some changes. The business or industry has evolved and you need to make things easier for your team.

Generating Solutions

Generating Solutions

Business is always changing. Staying ahead of your competition takes relentless effort. We help find solutions to problems that seem impossible to overcome. We enjoy automating tedious processes and leveraging new software tools to help free up your valuable time!

Processes automated

Years of Experience

Clients Served

Why You Should Outsource Excel Work and How To Do It

Spreadsheets suck. You know it. I know it. However, they have been a necessity in business for years… and will continue to be. Why? As long as we use computers, we will have data. As long as we have data, we will need a way to visualize it. Massage it. Customize it....

Why You Should Automate Your Excel Spreadsheet with VBA Macros

Look What I Did Spoiler Alert: I shamelessly self-promote our services here at ProsperSpark in Omaha, Nebraska. You just built a sweet Excel spreadsheet. It does everything your boss wants it to do. It tracks all of those pesky [insert your company's key data points...
From Our Clients

We pride ourselves in standing out from the crowd. We accomplish this by absorbing feedback from our clients in order to tailor solutions to meet their exact needs!

“Great job- tried to use other people before I found Brandon they cost me time and money. Very professional — brought his own ideas that made my project even better.”
Paul T.

“Brandon took our project and really thought outside the box to come up with solutions we wouldn’t have considered.”
Jim H.

“Brandon is a very knowledgeable consultant. He went far and beyond to meet my needs that seemed to be never ending. He took everything the extra mile and even gave me an extra phone call to explain everything. I give him 10 stars and will refer him to anyone and everyone. I will continue to use him for all of my projects.”
Caitlin J.

“If you want a job done extremely well, with patience, understanding, flexibility, speed, and impressive outcomes – Brandon is the person for you. To top it off, we learned throughout the process! His humble nature encouraged a great number of questions, learning, and better outcomes than we ever expected. You will not find anyone better!!!”

Jay B.

How to Get Started

Getting started with us is as simple as scheduling a FREE quick no-pressure conference call with us.

We suggest a 30 to 60 mins discovery call to get started.

There is a 15 mins call option available as well.

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