Better Decisions. Better Visuals. All in Excel.

Microsoft Excel Consulting


The client is a consulting firm that needed an easy way to view sales and margin performance over time.

They needed to be able to filter down by consultant and project.

Why You Want One

Better Decisions

Making better decisions is what sets competitors apart. Better decisions help you grow your business faster.


Who has time to build a report each week? We don’t. Manage and view sales team performance with a simple click of a button.

Cost Effective

No licenses. No monthly cost. A Microsoft Excel dashboard allows you to distribute to as many or as few users as you want.


Design is important. Spreadsheets don’t need to be (and shouldn’t be) boring. They should tell a story.


It works whether you have 5 rows, 5k rows, or 500k rows. The tool grows with you.


See results over time. View performance over years, quarters, months, and days. Filter down by consultant/rep and by project.


You won’t need to call us next year so the tool works for the next year. It’s robust and flexible to handle a variety of input.

Client Pain Points



The client felt their current tool was cumbersome and time-consuming to update.



Their current tool did not calculate consistently and accurately. There were several formulas errors.


Several Tabs

The user was required to go into several tabs in order to populate the tool each month.


Not Visually-Appealing

It was difficult to understand the data. There were not charts present to visualize performance. It looked more 1999 than 2019.

Learn How much your process is costing You

Learn How much your process is costing You

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