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Robust. Easy to Use. All in Excel.

Microsoft Excel Consulting


The client needed an easy way to maintain a database with pricing, descriptions, and headings. They wanted a tool that cut down the time it took to quote their services to clients. And it needed to look modern.

We built them a custom tool that fit their requirements perfectly. We can do the same for you!

Why You Want One

Modern Design

Design is important. Your quotes should reflect that are professional and successful business.


Pull in descriptions, pricing, and headings from your database. It’s robust and flexible to allow you to override each one.


Spend more time closing sales. Spend less time building quotes/proposals. Building proposals doesn’t have to be difficult.


Build quotes from your database, override pricing, add complex discounting, show or hide line item detail, and more.

Cost Effective

No licenses. No monthly cost. A Microsoft Excel quote/proposal generator allows you to distribute to as many users as you want.


Our tool works whether you build 5 quotes per hour or 5 quotes per month. We can also help you automate export to PDF, email proposals, and more.

Client Pain Points



The client felt their current tool was cumbersome and time-consuming to update.


Not Visually-Appealing / Modern

The quotes produced looked more like they were from 1999 than 2019. They did not reflect the brand that was being built.



Their current tool did not calculate consistently and accurately. There were several formulas errors.


Overly Complex

The user was required to populate several tabs and the tool was not intuitive to use.


Not Flexible

The tool was not flexible enought to handle new services or override prices. The current tool didn’t allow for any discounting.

Learn How much your process is costing You

Learn How much your process is costing You

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