We've partnered with Easy sheets!

We’ve partnered with Easy Sheets and are offering an awesome 10% DISCOUNT on our consulting services to their subscribers. If you need help with Excel, you’ve come to the right place.

We provide professional Excel consulting

We’ve been in business for 5 years and work with 250+ clients – big and small.

Meet Cole

Cole is the founder and content creator at Easy Sheets. A former data analyst, Cole has been teaching and providing his expertise to over 1.8 million followers. If you’re looking to be an Excel Pro or just excel in your career, Cole is your go-to resource.

You can find Cole’s content and videos on Youtube, TikTok & Instagram.


10% Discount

Mention promo code “EASY SHEETS” to receive your discount.

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Have a larger or continual need?

If you need a larger project, tool built, ongoing help, or aren’t sure, this is the route to go.

Need just a little bit of help?

If you need help with a few formulas, conditional formatting, pivot tables, etc. we can help – often on the same day.

*Promotional Restrictions:

    1. Promo code must be mentioned at or before proposal is signed. If not, it may NOT be applied retroactively.
    2. ProsperSpark reserves the right to change the terms at any time.
    3. Promo codes/discounts may not be combined.
    4. Promo codes/discounts may not be used more than once.
    5. Promo codes/discounts do NOT apply to ProsperSpark’s on-demand services.

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