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Flexible Excel/VBA solutions

Avoid the struggles that come with hiring full-time or finding full-time employees with a flexible service agreement. As Excel consultants, we have curated cost-effective ways for you to avoid the traditional workforce headaches, stay lean, and overcome complex projects. Whether you need 5 hours or 80 hours per week, we can deploy a high-end Excel/VBA professional to keep your operations running smoothly.


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Thousands of dollars and hours saved

Our Business Process Improvement and Automation solutions save our clients hours every day and thousands of dollars each year. Stop wasting time on systems downtime, time-consuming approval processes, disempowered employees, excessive meetings and email communications, unused product inventory, processes that involve excessive non-billable hours, or duplicate reporting! Let us streamline your operations and automate your processes so you can meet your customer demands and business goals more effectively.



hours saved


Years Excel Experience

Years VBA Experience

We are passionate about making a real impact on the lives of our clients. Our clients lean on our Excel experts as their go-to Excel Developers and utilize our Excel Consulting On-Demand services for quick wins. At ProsperSpark, we help troubleshoot issues big and small and delight our customers when it comes to complex projects. View our project catalog to get a look at some of our many capabilities.


Say goodbye to endless Excel spreadsheets and hello to increased efficiency! Working with Excel contractors can save you time and money in the long run. Not only will you get more time to focus on what really matters, but you’ll also have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your data is organized and manageable. So why wait? Take control of your Excel headaches today and gain the rewards of working with skilled and knowledgable Excel contractors!


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How much is your old process really costing you?

A simple 5 min process repeated 10x per day costs you $6,452 per year.

Working on a 1 hour process every day for a month costs you a painful $10,720 per year.

With ProsperSpark as your new Excel contractor and Excel Consulting Solution, we can save you as much as 94%+ of the costs associated with your routine tasks. In some cases, we can actually save you 100% by eliminating or automating a process altogether.

Average national hourly wage is $29.78. (Based on the 2018 U.S. Census Report.)

Process Cost per Year

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Ben Cherwinski
Ben Cherwinski
I was able to work with Jessica and Erik on a project for my work and everything went great! Really enjoyed working with them and will again in the future if the need arises.
J Jorden
J Jorden
Prosper Spark has been the perfect company to support our company. They have been great to work with and very efficient at providing us a solution to multiple processes throughout our business.
Alberto Luma
Alberto Luma
The experience with ProsperSpark was beyond my expectations. Pavian and Jessica have been amazing since the beginning of the project. The weekly meetings were so professionally organized. They answer all my questions and they have been extremely supportive and helpful throughout the project. I want to personally thank them for making my dreams become reality. Alberto Luma, EIT, PMP CEO Civil Construction Estimating
H Ciger
H Ciger
I had the privilege of working closely with Jessica McMullen on the development of a Airtable program tailored to law enforcement unit which specializes in riot control, and I cannot commend her expertise and dedication enough. Jessica's meticulous attention to detail and technical prowess have resulted in the creation of an invaluable tool that significantly enhances operational efficiency and minimizes legal risks. From the outset, Jessica demonstrated a keen understanding of the unique challenges that I requested from her to build the Airtable program to our needs. She meticulously analyzed the workflow and operational intricacies, ensuring that every aspect was accounted for in the Airtable program. Her ability to translate complex operational requirements into a user-friendly interface is truly commendable. One of the most impressive aspects of Jessica's work is her commitment to ensuring compliance and mitigating legal risks. She implemented robust tracking mechanisms that not only streamline operations but also provide invaluable documentation to protect the Command Staff from potential litigation. Jessica's foresight in this regard is exemplary and speaks volumes about her dedication. Furthermore, Jessica's collaborative approach was instrumental in ensuring the success of the project. Her open communication and willingness to adapt to evolving needs ensured that the final product exceeded expectations. In conclusion, Jessica McMullen's expertise in developing a law enforcement-focused Airtable program is nothing short of exceptional. Her dedication to serving the needs of this law enforcement unit while simultaneously safeguarding the interests of command staff is evident in every aspect of the program. I wholeheartedly recommend Jessica to any organization seeking to enhance operational efficiency and mitigate legal risks in the realm of law enforcement.
Amy Bartner
Amy Bartner
It is an absolute understatement to call Jessica McMullen's consultation "help." She took the time to listen to my very specific needs and guided me through the best way to use the tools. Not only did she show me *how* to use Airtable better, but she also built it out to suit my workflow. I feel so much better equipped to use the software, and she made my life about a million times easier.
Matthew Jenkins
Matthew Jenkins
Jessica helped make our transition to Airtable as seamless as possible.
John Strauss
John Strauss
Jessica is a terrific instructional partner who combines superb technical skills with a friendly and encouraging personal style. We're very lucky to have her help.
Shane Parker
Shane Parker
Finding ProsperSpark was exactly what I was looking for to streamline and improve internal processes. What would have taken us days they did in hours. They listen to your ideas and come up with the solution, just that simple. I enjoy working with Jessica and the entire team and can't wait to use them more. Great value, easy to get started, easy to reach, and prompt, courteous responses.
Silas Norwood
Silas Norwood
Jessica and Matthew helped me re-design and finalize a complicated excel document that I use to manufacture chemicals. They offered great insight and I really appreciated the attention to detail and customer service. Definitely worth the money and it has already greatly reduced the amount of time I was spending on that specific process. Thank you guys!
Benton Tatum
Benton Tatum
Jessica is a great thinking partner and educator. She helped me see through all of the noise and understand my platform options. I definitely recommend ProsperSpark!

solutions you get when you hire an excel expert

on-demand support

Looking for a fast Excel or VBA solution? Schedule an on-demand virtual call with an Excel Consultant today. All consultants undergo rigorous background checks and vetting and are based in the U.S. and Canada.  Most calls can be scheduled the same day!

Airtable - Sales CRM - Clients - Grid
Airtable - Sales CRM - Clients - Grid

Excel / VBA Macros

You need to “run the numbers” and track a few things. As Excel contractors we help you design, create, and automate that model, quote tool, dashboard, report, or tracking spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel so you don’t have to. Looking for a rockstar VBA Developer? We have those, too!

Business Analysis

Got a lot of questions? Not sure what your data is saying? We have answers. How do I grow? Do I have the right clients? Do I have the right people? We sift through your data and makes sense of it so you don’t have to.

Airtable - Sales CRM - Clients - Grid
Google Data Studio

Process Improvement

Process can make or break a business. Our job as your Excel contractor is to help you design, document, train, implement, test, and monitor a new process. We focus on designing the right strategy, implementing it, and measuring it.

Airtable Development

Every organization needs to track key information. Airtable is an incredibly low-cost online database solution. We design and build Airtable solutions such as CRM systems, project trackers, hours tracking, and more!

Dashboard in Microsoft Excel

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